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The balance - the game united bright and simple gameplay with an unusual storyline that does not require a great gaming experience, it can be a real eye-opener for both beginners and experienced players.

The balance - in terms of plot comic confrontation between good and evil, and it is also arcade game based on the laws of physics, made in a stylish 2D.

Goal of the game Balance - using the laws of gravity, to keep the game in balance. As the game becomes more difficult task, and will require exercise maximum dexterity to safely pass all levels.

Advantages of the game Balance:

- The application is free;
- Non-standard plot line;
- A fresh look at the topic of balance in the games;
- Not demanding gameplay;
- Stylish 2D;
- Funny game characters;
- Using the laws of physics in the game;
- Addictive atmosphere.

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